Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What a load of nonsense

Follow this link to the article in Business Day, and see what nonsense Mr Phaldie Kalam, Shell Africa communications vice-president is telling the media, we have to stop this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Kalam says: "We are very much aware and sensitive to the fact that this will impact water availability. We are therefore exploring alternative sources of water supply. We are looking at the possibility of bringing in sea water and brackish water.

"The possibility of railing the water is good. The Karoo has a good rail network. We can give an assurance that we will not contaminate fresh drinking water supplies. Fresh water supplies are found at 150m to 200m below the surface.

"We will be drilling at about 4000m below surface. So the drilling will take place far from the fresh water supplies. Shell will also use protective steel pipes which will bypass the water aquifer. They will be encased in cement, providing additional security against leakage."
Mr Kalam says all the chemicals used during "fracking" have been declared safe by the Environmental Protection Agency of the US.

"There are currently no laws in the US that place a moratorium on fracturing," he says.
Mr Kalam says Shell will be thorough in assessing the effects of drilling .
Fears over water and chemicals aside, Shell and the other companies will need access to privately owned land. "We will comply with regulations required in SA. We will negotiate with land owners for access."

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