Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some very informative facts, from James Northrup.

James Northrup was an independent Oil and Gas producer for 20 years, who speaks out about fracking, especially in New York.

Fracking Fiction - http://my.brainshark.com/Fracking-Fictions-Video-953217659

Frack Truck Convoys - http://my.brainshark.com/Frack-Trucks-Convoys-142091865

Horizontal Hydrofracking of Shale Gas in New York - http://my.brainshark.com/Horizontal-Hydrofracking-of-Shale-Gas-in-New-York-162908032

Hydrofracking, Faults and Aquifer pollution - http://shaleshock.org/2010/08/james-northrup-hydrofracking-faults-aquifer-pollution/

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