Saturday, February 5, 2011

Register Now!!!

Hi all.

As many of you might know, Falcon Oil and Gas is further along than Shell in the EMP (Environmental Management Programme Report) process.  ALL registration and comments MUST be in by 9 Feb 2011.  If you don’t register, or you don’t comment, your objections WILL NOT be included in the Public Participation Report, which will be submitted as an addendum to the EMP.

In short, if you don’t register, your opinions, objections, etc, will effectively fall on deaf ears, as far as Falcon is concerned, as you have had your opportunity to register, and you did not.


I have put the registration forms for both Falcon and Shell on the blog. See on the TABS menu, under REGISTRATION FORMS.

Print it out, fill it in, and email it back to the respective companies.

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