Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Falcon Oil and Gas seismic EMP almost complete

Hi again, 

Right, so here is how far Falcon is, according to what we have found out:

They have almost completed their EMP. They applied for extra time to complete their original EMP.

The completed EMP is now done, and open for discussion. 

This EMP Report is concerned with the seismic survey
exploration programme only since the location and
extent, as well as the potential viability of any shale gas
resource, are not known at present.

I have posted the summary of the seismic EIA at:

 This link will take you right to the summary, and then you don’t have to navigate through their website.

Then this link will take you directly to a comment form, than needs to be filled in and returned BEFORE 9 FEB 2011.

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